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Our latest passion: To spoil you with international dining experiences.  No cooking class this time - just delve into the exciting stories, flavours, aromas and traditions of fascinating, beautiful cultures. 

Our hosts have curated very special evenings for you. They invite you to a journey. A journey into old stories, hospitality, memories, music and traditions. And of course great food & drinks. They have prepared a genuine & authentic culinary trip in a class of its own. 

NEW: A Bedouine Night 

Samar brought the world-famous Bedouine hospitality to Berlin in 2016. Coming from a village in the desert, she grew up in the world of very special culinary experiences: warm spices & flavors, the friendliness of a big table, and the heritage of her mother. 

Her culinary creations are more than just dishes – they are an emotional connection to her story, a taste of home in the midst of Berlin's craziness. 

COMING SOON: A Journey into Mediterranean Pleasures

Our second step will be a true mediterranean experience. Stay excited - more news to come soon.  

Image by Gabrielle Cepella
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