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The bar is still one of the places of great socialising and good conversation. Give your team event the special atmosphere and take your team into the world of high-quality drinks and exclusive treats. 

Experience an extraordinary and extravagant selection of spirits and sensitise and sharpen your senses during the tastings & classes. Learn interesting details about history, flavors, variations of production, blending, storage and ingredients.

Image by Adam Jaime

Cocktail Master Class

✔︎ History of cocktails

✔︎ Learn the most important styles

✔︎ Tools and mixing techniques

✔︎ Experienced mixologists

✔︎ Get inspiration for your home bar

✔︎ Duration 3-4 h 


Galander VIP Bar Tour

✔︎ Exclusive VIP gourmet tour

✔︎ 3 elegant cocktail bars 

✔︎ High quality drink tastings

✔︎ Dinner included 

✔︎ Guided bus tour between the bars

✔︎ Duration 4 h

Image by Dylan de Jonge

Tasting Experience

✔︎ Whisk(e)y, rum, gin, wine or beer

✔︎ 11 to 14 products 

✔︎ History and production processes

✔︎ Small sensory training

✔︎ Duration 3-4 h

✔︎ Water & bread 

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