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A joint trip into the diverse and exciting culinary worlds of Berlin connects and creates shared, enjoyable experiences.  Every tour is planned individually. Contact us to design your personal tour.


Nothing is more personal and individual than your taste. This gives you a wonderful opportunity to get to know your team in a completely new way. 

Culinary Treasure Hunt Berlin: Berlin Group Food Tour

Culinary Treasure Hunts 

✔︎ Different Berlin locations

✔︎ Very flexible design

✔︎ Gastro rallyes

✔︎ Fun team challenges 

✔︎ Duration 4-5 h

✔︎ Hosted by our friends from Fork & Walk Tours


Group Food Tours

✔︎ Guided tours 

✔︎ Different Berlin neighborhoods

✔︎ Individually selected delicacies

✔︎ Duration 2-6 h

✔︎ Lots of stories & backgrounds

✔︎ Hosted by our friends from Fork & Walk Tours



✔︎ From coffee and cocktails to beer, wine or whiskey 

✔︎ Guided tastings with professionals

✔︎ Fun team activity 

✔︎ Duration 3-4 h

✔︎ Flexible group sizes 

✔︎ Explore the flavors! 

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Customized Packages

✔︎ From half to full day or even more 

✔︎ Exclusive events in hidden locations

✔︎ Flexible designs & group sizes

✔︎ Combination of all our formats  possible 

✔︎ Incentive, team building, conference

✔︎ Full travel organization possible 


Galander Bar Tour

✔︎ Exclusive gourmet experience

✔︎ 3 elegant cocktail bars 

✔︎ High quality cocktails, drinks & tastings: whiskey, rum, gin, tequila

✔︎ Dinner included 

✔︎ Guided bus tour between the bars

✔︎ Up to 10 guest, duration 4 h

Image by Pablo Hermoso

Historical & Food Tours

✔︎ Historical & culinary tour combined

✔︎ Mix the story of Berlin with tastings

✔︎ Walking tour, experienced guides

✔︎ Duration 3-4 h

✔︎ Different Berlin neighborhoods  

✔︎ Hosted by our friends from Fork & Walk Tours

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