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Spread love for Ukraine

A box full of Ukrainian delicacies - the perfect opportunity for you to help the suffering of refugees while valuing your team. We initiated this very special box with our partners to raise funds through our love of good food. Please help us by treating your team some extra love for Easter this year. This box makes two people happy. 
Price per box: €35 net, donation of €20
Minimum order: 5 boxes
## Limited edition 250 pieces ##

Vegetarian Borscht by Weck die Heimat

Vegetarian Borscht cooked and preserved by Weck die Heimat - one of the national dishes of Ukraine. Delicious & healthy, with extra beetroot and other wonderful vegetables.


Arrange the borscht on the plate with a blob of sour cream and some chopped dill and parsley.

1 jar of 350g

Vegetarian Varenyky by BITE by RitterRichard

Varenyky are considered by Ukrainians as one of their national dishes and plays a fundamental role in Ukrainian culture. BITE by RitterRichard has reinterpreted these delicious filled dumplings for you. They are traditionally topped with sour cream and butter, as well as with fried onions and fried pieces of bacon.

1 pack of ca. 150g


Paska (Easter Bread) by CookingLounge Berlin

Paska breads are a traditional element in the Easter holidays of Ukraine. During baking, according to tradition, the dough must not be disturbed, which is why there should be silence around the oven.


CookingLounge has baked them accordingly for you with an added touch of silence - and plenty of love. 

1 pack of ca. 80g

Further Partners in this project are

Pinguin Druck Berlin

We have been printing our beautiful big black boxes since we started with Pinguin Druck here in Berlin. Super reliable, always friendly & helpful, even in stressful situations - simply a great partner.

Kopie von TTOB Easter Box-2.jpg
Kopie von TTOB Easter Box-4.jpg

Stiftung Aussergewöhnlich Berlin 

Stiftung AusserGewöhnlich Berlin is a non-profit organization of about 250 companies. The foundation spreads knowledge about collaborative culture, partnerships and networking worldwide. The goal: to support NPO in the fight for the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The salons of AusserGewöhnlich Berlin take place weekly, guests can participate after registration and confirmation. Außergewöhnlich Berlin will manage our donation. 

All prices plus VAT. All images of boxes and products are similar and may vary. Boxes come without decorations. The final composition of the boxes may vary due to seasonal changes or supply shortages. A product that may not be available will be replaced by a comparable product in consultation. The boxes are shipped to the company address or to the private addresses of the end customer. Shipping costs will be offered separately. 

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