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After many years in Berlin's culinary scene, we serve you only one thing: the absolute best. 

Price per box size M: €40,00 net
Price per box size L: €75,00 net
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Salty Dark Chocolate, handmade by Belyzium 31° (Sizes M & L)

In their chocolates, Belyzium 31° places particular emphasis on bringing out the full diversity and subtlety of the cocoa's own aromas. This opens up new taste experiences. 

Very little sugar, no milk. All supplements like nuts, coffee or sugar come with organic quality. 
67% chocolate with sea salt flakes. 

1 bar of 60g

Quarantini Gin&Tonic with colour effect by Goldfish Bar (M & L)

This wonderful drink we found at Goldfisch Bar in Friedrichshain is very special for three reasons: 
- a beautiful colour effect created by Butterfly Pea Tea from Thailand,
- the Gin is the most fruity experience,

- it comes also as a Virgin Gin without alcohol.

So enjoy this delicious Gin with Fever Tree Tonic from Berlin and a magic herbal tea.


100ml with Alc. 42% vol. or as Virgin Gin with 0%. 

The Taste of Berlin_Quarantini klein.jpg
The Taste of Berlin_X-Ale.png

Brut X-Ale, the Champagne of the Streets

(M & L)

Top-fermented strong beer fermented with Champagne yeast from Schoppe Bräu. Instead of conventional brewing yeast, the Berliners use champagne yeast.

This gives the blonde a wonderful perlage and subtly dry champagne flavour.

0,33l, Alc. 6% vol.

Berlin Jam, a Berlin Classic reinterpreted by BRLO (M & L)

You may know it as "Berliner Weiße", a local beer specialty from Berlin. But the craft brewers from BRLO have turned this classic into something very special - and in a really lovely design.


A fruity mix of blueberry, blackberry, elderberry + red and blackcurrant. 


0,33l, Alc. 4% vol. 

The Taste of Berlin_Jam klein.jpg

3rd Wave Coffee from Friedl Rostery (L)

We always say: They know every coffee bean by name. Well, they definitely know every farmer. In their wonderful shop and café in Prenzlauer Berg they do magic with what these farmers send them.


From their 8 different coffees and blends we chose two for you to experience the sensation of coffee taste. 

2 x 100g whole bean or ground

TTOB_Friedl 2 klein.jpg
TTOB_Box klein.jpg

Schoppe Roter Bär - Alcohol free Pale Ale

(M & L)

Craft brewed organic beer from Berlin: purely organic barley malt, organic hops and organic passion in the brewing kettle. With a small team, Thorsten Schoppe has been brewing beers of all kinds in the middle of the capital since 2001. 


The Taste of Berlin_Candide.png

Candide Favourites Collection (L)

Candide are the former patissier of Tim Raue and a diabetic opera fan who were fed up with the chocolate market: everything too sweet, hardly anything fresh.

And because there was nothing else they wanted to eat (and because Daniel knows how to do it), they now make it themselves. 


7 Pralinés, ca. 70g

Marcus Bensers' Fine Sausages (L)

Marcus, a seventh-generation master butcher and "Chevalier du Goûte-Boudin", creates some of the best sausage delicacies in Berlin in his beautiful "Blutwurstmanufaktur" in Rixdorf, the historical centre of Neukölln.


The "Knight of Black Sausage's" creations are 3-times champion, his Goose Liver Sausage is a dream.   

2 jars of 175g

TTOB_Wurst 2 klein.jpg

All prices plus VAT. All images of boxes and products are similar and may vary. The final composition of the boxes may vary due to seasonal changes or supply shortages. A product that may not be available will be replaced by a comparable product in consultation. The boxes are shipped to the company address or to the private addresses of the end customer. Shipping costs will be offered separately. 

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