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Berlin's sweetest side. You would not believe how delicious this hidden, but very luxurious side can get. One foodbox shows it all. 

Price per box: €65,00 net
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Candide Favourites Collection

Candide are the former patissier of Tim Raue and a diabetic opera fan who were fed up with the chocolate market: everything too sweet, hardly anything fresh.

And because there was nothing else they wanted to eat (and because Daniel knows how to do it), they now make it themselves. 


7 Pralinés, ca. 70g

Handmade "Nussmus Schoko" by pars Pralinés 

Delicate vegan luxury in a jar. Hand peeled and finely rolled Bavarian hazelnuts. The scent: incomparable. The aroma: intense. Excellent as a spread, fantastic with muesli, incredible as a finish for sweet and savoury.

1 jar of 55g

The Taste of Berlin_Nussmus.png

Rübbelberg Premium Organic Egg Liquor

Egg liqueur shines in new splendour: exquisite ingredients, less sugar, lactose-free and everything 100% organic - from the egg yolk from the North German farm to the bourbon vanilla. Plus a hint of lime and locally produced Schnaps.


Egg liquor has never been this good. 

100ml, Alc. 15% vol. 

The Taste of Berlin_Ruebbelberg.png
The Taste of Berlin_Belyzium klein.jpg

Salty Dark Chocolate, handmade by Belyzium 31°

In their chocolates, Belyzium 31° places particular emphasis on bringing out the full diversity and subtlety of the cocoa's own aromas. This opens up new taste experiences. 

Very little sugar, no milk. All supplements like nuts, coffee or sugar come with organic quality. 
67% chocolate with sea salt flakes. 

1 bar of 60g

TTOB pars 4er klein.jpg

pars Pralinés Chocolate Edition No. 66: Iced Maca Ginseng

pars shows her delicate side. The powerful fine. Its core consists of the Maca Ginseng elixir by Dr. Jaglas, surrounded by the bitter dark chocolate of the Berlin chocolatier Simeon Rückert.

Four unique pralinés designed by sculptress Christiane Kegelmann, delivering a sensual exprience where taste, craftsmanship and design merge together.

Ca. 10g

All prices plus VAT. All images of boxes and products are similar and may vary. The final composition of the boxes may vary due to seasonal changes or supply shortages. A product that may not be available will be replaced by a comparable product in consultation. The boxes are shipped to the company address or to the private addresses of the end customers. Shipping cost will be offered separately. 

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