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Nights in Berlin have something special. It's about people, it's about places, it's about all kind of sensual pleasures. Get it all in one surprising Berlin giftbox. 

Price per box size M: €40,00 net
Price per box size L: €80,00 net
TTOB_Happy klein.jpg

BRLO Happy Pils (sizes M & L)

This New Age Pilsner from Berlin's leading craft brewery does spark joy. Noble hops bring citrus balance to this floral, fruity brew, complimented by a pleasant bitterness. 

Think Pils, but hoppier. Think tradition, but reimagined. Think your day, but so much better.

0,33l, Alc. 4,9% vol.

Berliner Luft - the Air of Berlin in a bottle

(M & L)

This peppermint liqueur is a speciality in former East Germany that conquered the Berlin club scene in no time. Today, Berliner Luft is already a classic on dance floors all over the republic.

Just imagine the Air of Berlin is a fresh, minty and tasty breeze... got it? 


20ml, Alc. 18% vol.  

TTOB_BerlinerLuft klein.jpg
TTOB_Gilka klein.jpg

Gilka Kaiserkümmel Liquor (M & L)

Since 1836, this kummel liquor from Berlin convinced not only the Austrian Emperor in Vienna, but also the Berlin party crowds during the Roaring 20ies. 

Mild but distinctive, Gilka shines in new splendour since 2020. 

40ml, Alc. 38% vol. 

TTOB_Stork klein.jpg

Stork Club Straight Rye Whiskey (M & L)

Germany's first rye Whiskey distillery is located in the famous Spreewald in the middle of a nature reserve. Down to earth. Down to Whiskey.


Matures in American and German Napoleon oak barrels toasted individually for us. It is the perfect partner for whiskey highballs and cocktails!


50ml, Alc. 45% vol. 

Quarantini Gin&Tonic with colour effect by Goldfish Bar (M & L)

This wonderful drink we found at Goldfisch Bar in Friedrichshain is very special for three reasons: 
- a beautiful colour effect created by Butterfly Pea Tea from Thailand,
- the Gin is the most fruity experience,

- it comes also as a Virgin Gin without alcohol.

So enjoy this delicious Gin with Fever Tree Tonic from Berlin and a magic herbal tea.


100ml with Alc. 42% vol. or as Virgin Gin with 0%. 

The Taste of Berlin_Quarantini klein.jpg

Heidenpeters Hazy Heidi (M & L)

Johannes Heidenpeter is unique and probably one of the best-known brewers in the city. His brewery and bar is located in the basement of our most beloved "Markthalle Neun".

His HAZY beer is cloudy, soft and extremely fruity. Similar to pineapple juice, but with a bit more alcohol. :-)

0,33l, Alc. 5,4% vol.

TTOB_Heidi klein.jpg
TTOB_Pawn klein.jpg

Cocktail Happy Hour by <Pawn Dotcom Bar/> (L)

Torstrasse in Berlin is one of the hubs for upscale cocktail enjoyment in Berlin. The Pawn Dotcom Bar is hidden in a beautiful Berlin backyard. The cocktails are colourful, subtle & complex but not pretentious.

They serve playful side drinks that either complement the cocktail or are just meant to be fun. 


1 premix cocktail, individual selection by your own personal mixologist. Variable size & alc. 

Dark Blend 50/50 from Friedl Rostery (L)

Nights in Berlin need the perfect preparation. The darkest and strongest - and best - coffee comes just in time. With this very special blend, Friedl Roastery in Prenzlauer Berg created the wake-up-call for Berlin's night owls.

50% organic Arabica from Peru & Honduras

50% organic Robusta from India

A dark roasted coffee with lots of caffeine. Tart, earthy, sweet, fat creama.

100g whole bean or ground

TTOB_Friedl 2 klein.jpg

Rübbelberg Premium Organic Egg Liquor (L)

Egg liqueur shines in new splendour: exquisite ingredients, less sugar, lactose-free and everything 100% organic - from the egg yolk from the North German farm to the bourbon vanilla. Plus a hint of lime and locally produced Schnaps.


Egg liquor has never been this good. 

100ml, Alc. 15% vol. 

The Taste of Berlin_Ruebbelberg.png

All prices plus VAT. All images of boxes and products are similar and may vary. The final composition of the boxes may vary due to seasonal changes or supply shortages. A product that may not be available will be replaced by a comparable product in consultation. The boxes are shipped to the company address or to the private addresses of the end customers. Shipping costs will be offered separately. 

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